Wearing Your Health on Your Sleeve

Biomedical Computation Review / Summer 2015 /

My phone buzzes. It’s Mood Matters, a mood-tracking app developed by the startup Ginger.io. “We notice you haven’t logged any recent physical activity,” it alerts me, linking to an article about the connection between depression and exercise. I glance at the band on my wrist, a Fitbit fitness tracker that’s unrelated to the app, and see that I’ve only walked a measly 800 steps today. I scroll over to see my heart rate—at least I’m relaxed, I think.  I scan my to-do list and then stand up for a quick walk around the block. Each step I take, eventually, is relayed to the cloud and stored as a bit of information in a data center with all the other steps people are taking around the world, forming a massive data set describing when and how we move… Read more at Biomedical Computation Review.