My Services

Writing about science for a general audience.

Press releases

Breaking news press releases on recent scientific and medical findings for universities, hospitals, journals, and other organizations. I regularly write press releases for the Salk Institute, UCLA, and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, among other clients.

Magazine articles

Feature articles for institutional magazines and journals, spotlighting the work of a researcher, the excitement of a new research project, or the status of a scientific field. I've had articles published in Stanford Medicine Magazine, Medicine@Yale, UAB Medicine Magazine, the HHMI Bulletin, Clinical Laboratory News, and the University of Illinois MCB Magazine, to name a few.

Website and annual report content

I provide other services to unversities, organizations and websites looking to communicate about science, including writing content for websites, annual reports, and internal or fundraising publications, as well as general medical reference articles. I also ocassionally offer editing services to fine-tune material written by scientists or other writers.

Who am I?

Who am I?

In short: I'm an award-winning science writer who loves what I do! I write mostly about biology and medicine and work mostly for major institutions and medical centers.

The slightly longer version: I studied biochemistry at Johns Hopkins before shifting gears from research to writing and attending the UC Santa Cruz graduate program in science writing. I was the assistant editor of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's quarterly magazine, the HHMI Bulletin, from 2007 through 2011 and have been a freelance writer since then. Shortly after my son was born in 2015, I switched from writing for mostly journalistic outlets to focusing on writing for institutions, universities, and organizations.

My husband is a military doctor, so we move a lot (and my location isn't always up to date on all my various social networks), but we currently live in San Antonio, Texas. However, I work with clients around the country.
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